Child Development Center
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Integrating development of the whole child.

Our curriculum focuses on a child’s four primary developmental domains: cognitive, language, social-emotional and physical. We emphasize first-hand experiences in play, oral language, listening, books and phonemic awareness. Our facility is adjacent to the grounds of the nation’s largest county fair. This provides the unique opportunity to have amazing hands-on educational experiences – “from Apples to Zoo” -- that cannot be taught in a classroom.

Serving the early education needs of all types of children.

Children are accepted into the program regardless of income, religion, ethnicity, gender, culture, language, family values or developmental differences. The Center is a full-inclusion program, integrating children with special needs (developmental disabilities) in the same program with other children.

Equal opportunities for our diverse communities.

A portion of enrollment is reserved for low-income families who qualify for California Department of Education Child Development Division subsidized funding. Subsidized families are enrolled based on income, eligibility and employment training status criteria, as well as referrals from the Department of Social Services. Through our full-inclusion commitment and subsidized enrollment program, the Fairplex Child Development Center is able to serve the wide-ranging needs of our diverse population.

How quality makes a significant difference in child development.

What does “quality” really mean in early childhood education? Low staff turnover, low teacher-to-children ratios, high education levels of teachers and a nurturing environment. The Fairplex Child Development Center combines all these essential factors to serve children of all backgrounds, including those with special needs.

At the heart of our philosophy is a partnership with families, encouraging open communication and dialogue. Studies clearly show that children whose families are interested and involved in their early education will achieve maximum academic and social success. That’s why parent participation is a key aspect of our program. Our social gatherings and child-related entertainment create strong connections among member parents, influencing the growth of the families and their children. Through our Parent Advisory Committee, volunteer parents provide these important functions :

- Participate in decision making for our programs
- Provide fund-raising support
- Help determine the content of our parent-education programs, which assist in developing positive discipline and first-aid techniques, determining reading readiness and providing other parental support

The Center’s cooperative system makes our organization more responsive to the needs of our member families, which further enhances our ability to deliver quality service.